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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Marcello Truzzi Papers & "Cauldron Cookery"

Marcello Truzzi was a well-known and respected sociologist, author and scientific paranormal investigator (more so a researcher though I do believe that he might have went on some ghost hunts as well) at Eastern Michigan University and friends/collaborator with Gundella. His collected papers left to the school apparently feature letters written to Gundella which were being used for his sociological research:

"The subseries titled Gundella Letters include letters written to Gundella the Witch (Marion Kuclo) from individuals seeking her advice. It appears that Truzzi had been given access to the correspondence for purposes of sociological research and was in the process of analyzing the materials. They are arranged in numerical order according to the number system assigned to them by Truzzi."

I will have to look into these papers some day in the future when I don't have more obligations than brain cells available to process the material. Here's a sample of Truzzi's occult interests in the form of his light-hearted book Cauldron Cookery:

Unless you're a speed reader it's advisable that you pause the slideshow and switch pages manually. It's also preferable to click into full screen mode so you can actually read the pages without straining your peepers. Also, please note that blank pages have been omitted. Enjoy.

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