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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to Hold a Séance

How to Hold a Seance Pt. 1 by Gundella
How to Hold a Seance by Gundella Pt. 2
from The Werewolf of Grosse Pointe & Other Stories

I don't know much of anything about séances but Gundella spells it out here rather objectively and quite succinctly. This was an extra from her book The Werewolf of Grosse Pointe & Other Stories and doesn't really fit in with a book of folktales and ghost stories but I'm glad it was included because it's perfect for this site.

I'm also grateful that one of the local libraries had this book in stock and though it took a special request and a week or two to get it the wait was worth it. I actually scanned the entire book and seeing that it is an out-of-print publication I will post it here in its entirety when I can find a good free program that allows me to format it like a book so that it can easily be read without taking up a whole page worth of the blog.

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