Monday, August 8, 2016


Detroit Free Press, November 8, 1981 (enlarge)
I don't know anything about bio-rhythms and the time to learn about them has passed me by. While Gundella didn't think much of the mythology of Friday the 13th the Free Press seemed to suggest that the occurrence of the day in November of 1981 was a foreboding for her. Was it? You got me. But their posting of this nifty little cartoon caricature sure was a lucky find for me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Witch Watch: The best-laid plans can quickly change

Redford Observer, August 19, 1982
This edition of Witch Watch covers the mutability of plans including well-laid ones such as marriage and retirement. But the main importance of this one to me is the inclusion of Gundella's youngest daughter's wedding plans.

I believe that would be Veronica Kuclo, no? And the husband would be Peter Raub (apparently not according to a comment left on this post). As stated before I have avoided covering the murder of Marion's daughter because it seems an unnecessary personal intrusion into her legacy. Plus, it occurred after her death in 1993.

Nonetheless, the marriage of Veronica and Peter Raub occurred during Marion's life and apparently took place in Seattle on August 19, 1982 after a series of dramatic incidents which included the groom's mother using the discarded, called-off wedding napkins to wash windows.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Witch Watch: Here are books on reincarnation

Redford Observer, July 31, 1980
While I've been labeling notable names and topics all along in my posting endeavors I've neglected the Witch Watch write-ins. Like the Maxine S. and Roxanne L. mentioned in the reincarnation and relationship column posted above.

Being a witch Gundella believed in reincarnation. Authors and books she recommended on the topic included, Here and the Hereafter by Ruth Montgomery, The Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes by Jess Stern, You Were Born Again to be Together by Dick Stulphen, An East-West Anthology of Reincarnation edited by J. Head and S. L. Cranston and The Flowering Tree by Gladys V. Jones.

As for marriage advice: if you have to pick between two guys then you're probably not in love with either. But if you're willing to live without love then pick the one with the best qualities that match yours. If you're too wishy-washy to pick then let the Fates determine your choice via the use of a pendulum. The vibrations don't lie.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Witch Watch: Superstitions persist regarding pregnancy

Redford Observer, November 13, 1980
I shamefully return 6 months after my last post--spurred on by this blog post concerning the Gundella Coven--with another installment of Witch Watch. This November 13, 1980 edition finds Gundella channeling Dear Abby and setting aside the notion of supernaturalism.

Rita B., 21 and pregnant, of Farmington, Michigan was watching a television program featuring a crippled and disfigured man and her mother-in-law slammed the program off insisting that it would cause her baby harm. Gundella poo-poo'd that notion stating that superstitions are based on ignorance of science and supernaturalism a simple lack of knowledge and experience.

Oh yeah... and be polite. Even to your mother-in-law. Them's some good advices.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Witch Watch: How to best use the teas, herbs that heal

Canton Observer, March 20, 1975 (enlarge)
Despite the fact that I have collected close to 30 vintage tea strainers I have never ventured beyond the tea bag and probably never will. Mainly because they are cheap and I have better things to do than go to a specialty shop. Anyway, I had planned to gloss over this entire article--which happens to be the second ever Witch Watch column (the first can be found here)--and pretty much have but the mention that dandelion roots taste just like coffee makes me want to try it in tea form.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

For Halloween "flying"

Redford Observer, October 29, 1981
This is a horrible photograph standalone but it's apparently from a new batch of additions to the Redford Observer archives so I'll take the bad with the good. Since each city in the Metro Detroit ring of Observer and Eccentric papers printed a slightly different version that suited their demographic there is hope in finding a clearer shot of this. This being a picture of Gundella in downtown Detroit on some garage roof overlooking the Ren Cen with her new car: a black Mercury Capri. A pretty stylish car for the good witch.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Witch Watch: No familiars in Gundella's home

Redford Observer, December 4, 1980 (enlarge)
Well, I waited for the aforementioned witch to respond with further Gundella pictures but apparently the giving season has passed. So it's back to the posting of the old familiars.

No, not a surrogate spell-holder in the form of a furry face but Witch Watch and its ilk. Apparently Gundella didn't believe that witches had the power to transfer their spell capabilities to animals while they were busy with other magic rituals. Nor did she believe in transmigration or that one was born into the witch-hood. One becomes a witch through study, work and initiation. Ditto with psychic ability.

However, she did believe in having pets though and possessed several in the winter of 1980-81. Included were a fat cat, a playful puppy that sometimes partook in the green dye ritual and a rabbit that left the family around that time.