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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nationally-Known Witch Outlines Chosen Field

Nationally Known Witch Outlines Chosen Field

This is a November 9, 1972 article from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune which covers Gundella's lecture at New College, a few spells, her artwork and of all things, weight issues. As a gossip columnist I suppose that Mrs. Griffith was supposed to be glib but asking how much Gundella weighed seems rather less than journalistic. Not that I'm offended by the notion but it would seem like a very awkward conversation for both parties involved and since it really has nothing to do with her craft it comes across as quite unprofessional. Then again, I've posted articles here where even her friend Tim Richard of The Observer references her as being rotund. Imagine calling Richard Nixon ogre-faced or Obama a bean-pole! Trust me, I'm not over-sensitive on the issue from the stand-point of propriety, it just comes across as quite amateurish and small-townish.

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