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Monday, November 1, 2010

A bewitching evening with Gundella

A bewitching evening with Gundella Grosse Pointe News 1988-10-20
from the Grosse Pointe News October 20, 1988

This article certainly runs the gamut of topics and an unusual setting for them. It's kind of hard to imagine that a talk by a Good Witch who was in the process of writing a Christmas book would occur at a War Memorial. Yet, so it was. 

Her "Withcraft in Today's World" program seems to be the general fare speech material that she gave during her many presentations. The mention of another book manuscript, "Witchcraft For Christmas", that never came to fruition suggests that she was too busy -- as she herself stated a time or two -- to write a book let alone many, even though she did manage to complete a few in her lifetime. There are a few partial manuscript at the Garden City Historical Museum and I think I need to make another visit this weekend for some different types of finds than what I've been posting here. 

Also, from the various postings of Gundella's programs and courses it appears that her services were indeed greatly in demand because the cost of some of these admissions fees seem a little pricey for just a talk by a local witch. Of course I don't know the logistics or the operating costs so it's just an uneducated observation at this juncture. Not that I would fault her for charging any price she deemed adequate for her services but from a naked glance it appears to be a strong price for a "talk". Then again it could have been a looong talk! 

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