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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kitchen Witch: Trick or Treat

Kitchen Witch: Trick or Treat 1
Kitchen Witch: Trick or Treat 2
from the Farmington Observer October 28, 1991

A nice Halloween column entry of Kitchen Witch featuring apple dishes from the Gundella recipe vault. Featured with her are two granddaughters from Veronica's family. If you're here you most likely know about Veronica's murder so I won't go into it. I always feel uneasy breaching the subject on the blog and so I won't.

As for the column itself it's very informative and now I know ten times more about apples and their connections to Halloween than I probably should know. The apple seed name game for romance as well as the  "apple and the candle" game are quite interesting and would be quite useful games for little girls. I'll pass them on to my little one when she is old enough to care about icky boys!

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