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Friday, January 21, 2011

Kitchen Witch: A menu for Valentine's Day

Kitchen Witch: A menu for Valentine's Day
from the Redford Observer February 11, 1991

Valentine's Day was something that I was decent at when I had a girlfriend but not something I particularly miss. Plus, I have my little one to give Valentines to now and though she doesn't know what the day is all about she will enjoy her heart shaped lollipops just the same. I have to be honest, giving my daughter Valentines gifts seems like it will be a lot more rewarding than doing the same for a romantic interest. Too bad I couldn't have been imbued with Zues's powers and birthed the child from my old cranium instead of going through the whole human process! Surely, I jest, right? Yeah, sure. Here's a recipe for Beef Wellington by Gundella as compensation for having reads through my silliness.

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