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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Teacher shares view on witch

from the Canton Observer October 21, 1985
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If there's anything that you can say about the Observer newspapers it's that they know how to spin a cliche and beat a story to death. Not that I'm complaining because I wish that they would have gone on ad infinitum ad nauseum on more Gundella events but this one will have to do I suppose. Like the Wonderland Mall fiasco from 1971 where she was hired to perform an adult-oriented presentation on the 29th of October that year but it was cancelled under pressure of certain clergy involving themselves in the mall's business, the Plymouth Canton High School appearance she made in 1985 was a great source of controversy (click the Plymouth-Salem High School hyper link below to read more about the incident). In this letter to the editor a teacher from the school, David Seemann, states that he is no longer opposed to Gundella appearing at the school because he believes that all points of view should be heard by students on controversial issues. I guess you can't really disagree with that.

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