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Monday, October 17, 2011

Witch Watch: Snails in legend and on the plate

from the Canton Observer November 15, 1979

Wow, I never expected a Witch Watch column about snails. Edible or not. I'm not surprised that Gundella ate them because she was way into food. I could probably eat them fried. Hell, I'd most likely eat anything fried or with cheese on it but never would I even consider trying to raw or sauteed where you have to look at the thing as it was. Anyhow, here's some snail superstitions:
It is said that if a maiden finds a snail with a shell in the month of May, she will marry a man with a house and a home. 
Snails eaten in the fall of the year assure the diner of comfortable lodging for the winter months. 
A man whose wife serves him snails once a year is thought to be loyal, and will never wander far from home.

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