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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Conditions mimic those in 1927 state disaster

from the Redford Observer, April 1, 1993 
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This article by Observer columnist and editor Tim Richard, a longtime friend of Gundella's, concerns the Bath School disaster of May 18, 1927 in which disgruntled Bath, Michigan school board treasurer and farmer Andrew Kehoe blew up a school house killing 38 children among others.

Kehoe had also beaten his wife to death the morning of the incident and set his farm on fire. As fire spread to a schoolhouse on adjacent property it ignited stores of explosives killing many children, two teachers and four others. Including Kehoe, who drove up as rescuers gathered and detonated a bomb in the car killing several more people, the death toll stood at 45 with a dozen or so others injured.

Richard apparently was given a book on the topic called "Mayday: The History of a Village Holocaust" by Gundella as a Christmas present. An apt present from a witchy woman.

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