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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gundella Discussed on the Morning Exchange in 1975

from the Times Reporter, May 22, 1975

I lucked upon this tidbit searching + Gundella on Google. Newspaper Archive is a paid service which allows you to read small town newspapers. If you're too cheap to pay, like I am, you can browse 3 newspapers per day for free as I often do. While doing so I found this mention of Gundella being discussed on the Morning Exchange news show in Cleveland in May 1975. Apparently the show was the local news program, equivalent to Kelly & Co. in our area, which were the trend back in the 70's and 80's.

Since the paper was from a Thursday I'm not sure if the schedule shown is for that present week or the following but I'm assuming it was the former. I'll peg the date at May 23, 1975 but it's possible that it was May 30, 1975 as well. Either way she was discussed by one of the show's anchors, John Hambrick. From what I can gather Mr. Hambrick was an old school Cleveland legend who left for bigger horizons. Given his pedigree it probably was an interesting piece regardless if he was pro or con for the witchy lady.

Anyway, here's a strange segment from a different edition of Morning Exchange featuring Jimmy Hoffa talking about prison sex of all things!

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