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Monday, March 5, 2012

Witch Watch: Fate reunites former sweethearts

from the Canton Observer, October 11, 1979

Well, Fate might have brought Janette and Larry back together but boredom sure as hell had a part too! I'm not disputing the eerie scenario but from my point of view Fate is going to happen regardless of who gets in the way and intervenes. Is wishing or willing it more likely to bring favorable results? I think so but sometimes when you try too hard you make other things happen that normally wouldn't have if you'd just let the thing play itself out. Eventually what's going to happen will anyway and no amount of pushing and prodding will change that. Sure, Janette and Larry found each other again but most likely what remained of their love was what belonged to the past and they were very different people at second-glance than when they fell for each other so many years before. Personally, they seemed to be settling on a fall-back crutch which plays out somewhat less romantic than forever and a day.

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