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Monday, August 27, 2012

Witch Watch: If you will it, you can move things

Canton Observer, February, 1976

I'm not really into these sort of experiments but I'm not against the thought that it can be done. I d, however, know that people are more susceptible to suggestion and mind control if you are bent on getting somebody to do something with a little persuasive thought power.

In fact, before my daughter was born I was at a school playground metal detecting early one morning and as usual I was mentally talking to her like I always did. It was quite warm and still outside and I was probably dehydrated from that fact alone but I kept up the inner dialogue just the same. At some point during this inner dialogue I was more or less speaking directly to her as if she were already born and present.

Just then one of the swings started to creak and sway. I thought it quite odd due to the fact that the weather conditions were what they were and after scoping out all the other swings and noticing their stillness I chalked it up to a communication with my seedling. Not surprisingly she and I often have the same ideas simultaneously and seem to feed off each other's thoughts.

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