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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Witch Watch: Mind's power can fixed stopped watches

Canton Observer, February 12, 1976

Telekinesis and Uri Gellar, eh? I'm not sure if Gundella is saying here that the spoons on the television really bent but I thought this was debunked not long after on the Tonight Show or something like that. I guess she wouldn't have known that at the time or she was of the belief that spoon-bending was possible. I don't think it is despite that I respect much of what she espoused in her teachings on witchcraft.

Mind controlling people is another matter. I think that it's not only a practical concept but a concrete one that those with strong wills can readily practice with great results. However, the theory of poltergeists being wrought from powerful emotions or a person's mind seems highly suspect to me. It seems more likely that ghostly activity is the result of wrinkles in time that give off an echo and replay an event at certain points in the future. I don't believe these specters to be conscious beings void of a body but like with many other things I could very well be wrong.

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