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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gundella to debut as writer

Canton Observer, March 6, 1975 (enlarge)
I suppose that I should have goosebumps right about now considering the fact that my goal for the blog this year was to track down not only all of the earliest Witch Watch articles but to be able to put a date to the beginning of the column. Voila! 38 years to the date it was first announced that she would be writing a column for the Observer and here I am pecking away at a computer in the middle of the night too tired to even ponder the synchronicity. I intended this to be the last post for the night as I catch up on my tardiness and it was well worth staying up for.

March 13, 1975 can now be claimed as the definitive date for the beginning of Witch Watch. The picture with her talking to children was probably a ploy to soften her perceived image as was the clarification that she was not a demonologist or a devil worshipper. Not that it stopped some from believing it as many of the mentions of protests can attest to. Now I just need to find that initial column and also to figure out if the enterprise ended in 1980 as I've been unable to find any past Halloween of that year.

As for new material here: the dreams she had before embarking on a would-be national tour that ultimately made her decide to stay primarily in Michigan were something that I've never read before or even seen intimated. I'm still waiting on a definitive answer for whether or not she liked Dark Shadows but I suppose that I shall never know that answer.

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