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Saturday, October 3, 2015

What Do You Say to a Witch?

The Novi News, August 26, 1971 (enlarge)
As I've said before it's rare that an article concerning Gundella delves off into the unknown. Most are derivative introductory biographical pieces with bad attempts at humor. Nancy Dingeldey delivers all of the aforementioned plus a few scant useful tidbits for those already indoctrinated into the Gundella way.

I've read before where Gundella supposedly put a spell on Oakland A's pitcher Vida Blue but other than these two references I've been unable to confirm that the incident occurred. It seems unlikely due to her belief in Karma but it might have only been in jest.

The mentions of J. P. McCarthy's and Bill Kennedy's are repeats from a few posts earlier but the mention that she appeared on the former a multitude of times is new information to me. Finding a broadcast of McCarthy's featuring Gundella will likely be the easier of the two as well.

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