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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Witch Watch: No familiars in Gundella's home

Redford Observer, December 4, 1980 (enlarge)
Well, I waited for the aforementioned witch to respond with further Gundella pictures but apparently the giving season has passed. So it's back to the posting of the old familiars.

No, not a surrogate spell-holder in the form of a furry face but Witch Watch and its ilk. Apparently Gundella didn't believe that witches had the power to transfer their spell capabilities to animals while they were busy with other magic rituals. Nor did she believe in transmigration or that one was born into the witch-hood. One becomes a witch through study, work and initiation. Ditto with psychic ability.

However, she did believe in having pets though and possessed several in the winter of 1980-81. Included were a fat cat, a playful puppy that sometimes partook in the green dye ritual and a rabbit that left the family around that time.

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