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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Witch Watch: The best-laid plans can quickly change

Redford Observer, August 19, 1982
This edition of Witch Watch covers the mutability of plans including well-laid ones such as marriage and retirement. But the main importance of this one to me is the inclusion of Gundella's youngest daughter's wedding plans.

I believe that would be Veronica Kuclo, no? And the husband would be Peter Raub (apparently not according to a comment left on this post). As stated before I have avoided covering the murder of Marion's daughter because it seems an unnecessary personal intrusion into her legacy. Plus, it occurred after her death in 1993.

Nonetheless, the marriage of Veronica and Peter Raub occurred during Marion's life and apparently took place in Seattle on August 19, 1982 after a series of dramatic incidents which included the groom's mother using the discarded, called-off wedding napkins to wash windows.


Anonymous said...

You have some facts wrong, here.... In this column, Gundella talks about the cancelled wedding of her daughter, Veronica. But you have the groom wrong. This wedding was to be with her high school sweatheart, but they were just too young, and he was in the Navy, stationed in Seattle. Roni was just too young to leave home at that time. She married Pete 3 years later.

You are missing many of Mom's columns. Since I have the originals, I'll see if I can find and copy them for you.

the said...

Thanks for the information. I'd like to see any material that you have on Gundella.