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Monday, June 6, 2016

Witch Watch: Here are books on reincarnation

Redford Observer, July 31, 1980
While I've been labeling notable names and topics all along in my posting endeavors I've neglected the Witch Watch write-ins. Like the Maxine S. and Roxanne L. mentioned in the reincarnation and relationship column posted above.

Being a witch Gundella believed in reincarnation. Authors and books she recommended on the topic included, Here and the Hereafter by Ruth Montgomery, The Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes by Jess Stern, You Were Born Again to be Together by Dick Stulphen, An East-West Anthology of Reincarnation edited by J. Head and S. L. Cranston and The Flowering Tree by Gladys V. Jones.

As for marriage advice: if you have to pick between two guys then you're probably not in love with either. But if you're willing to live without love then pick the one with the best qualities that match yours. If you're too wishy-washy to pick then let the Fates determine your choice via the use of a pendulum. The vibrations don't lie.

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