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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Gundella: This Practicing Witch Specializes In Love Spells, But Doesn't Fit The Bony, Cackling Image

Tampa Tribune, November 7, 1972 (enlarge)
The common thread in most introductions to Gundella are making a fat joke (this one is particularly egregious), saying that she's a witch, but... and then introducing her Scottish heritage as a witch. Luckily for us is the fact that she is not only pictured with Marcello Truzzi in this article but that he is part of the story line.

What we also learn is that her fan mail average was about 2,000 pieces. How often she picked it up from her P.O. box isn't stated but I would assume that it was per week or month. A hefty total either way. A self-addressed stamp envelope to her at Box 34 in Garden City, Michigan would get the sender a spell of their asking. Which Truzzi believed was a true sign of her authenticity.

Many of her fans likely were introduced to her via the many speaking engagements that she made to colleges, churches and radio and television stations. Her speaking fees were not modest and she commanded $150 per event back in the early 1970s earning her a good $500-$1000 per week. Which sounds like decent money until you factor inflation and in today's terms she would make roughly $3,000-$6000 per week.

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