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Friday, July 27, 2018

Witch's recipe book is her magic speller

Redford Observer, November 20, 1975 (enlarge)
Gundella wrote about cooking, she wrote about daily life but her main interest to most internet fiends is witch talk. It's not in my wheel house to speak on such things but to encapsulate what she said. This column is about grimoires. Or her witchy diary. "In it she enters spells, rituals, incantations and other things she learns during her training. Later, as she gains knowledge, she continues to enter notes in this book."

Gundella called it a witch's recipe book. Something to practice, invent and share with other witches as housewives do cooking recipes.

The covers and pages vary per taste. Some form their books from virgin parchment and cover them with red satin. Others use a spiral notebook. Original grimoires were penned using a quill and dove's blood or home brewed ink. Modern witches use ball point pens. By whichever means the book is not meant for the uninitiated.

Upon her deathbed she either burns the grimoire or passes it to a trusted witch for disposal by fire. If  she dies suddenly it the duty of the coven to burn it.

The coven's community grimoire is known as The Book of Shadows where each shares her experiences within the group which the high priestess protects.

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