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Friday, October 5, 2018

'Good Witch' held seances, told stories, wrote books

Detroit Free Press, July 12, 1993
Obviously, this is an obituary for Marion Kuclo, aka Gundella the Witch, from the Detroit Free Press. There's nothing new in this clipping though it gives some of the basics of her life. She was born Marion Clark in Tawas, Michigan in 1930. East Tawas, I believe, though there might not have been a specific designation at that time.

She was an elementary and middle school teacher primarily in the Inkster School District though I recall reading that she taught in her native region before coming to the Detroit area.

She spent the last 20+ years widely lecturing on witchcraft, collecting ghost stories and folklore of Michigan and writing a few books, including an unfinished manuscript on Minnie Quay.

She died July 10, 1993 after a long battle with cancer. A piper performed at her funeral service and she was cremated, requesting that she be given no special urn but instead, "Put my ashes in an old mayonnaise jar and tell them it had sentimental value." Witch or not, that's my kind of lady.


Anonymous said...

How sweet to find that someone made a blog about Marion Kuclo! I knew her well as a child; she was my grandmother's best friend. I went to a lot of her yard parties as a child and loved her. I loved her even more when she kindly took care of me and my cousins for a day so my grandparents and other adults could make funeral arrangements after my father died. She was a wonderful, generous woman and a cherish the memories of time spent with her.

the said...

Thanks for the comment. Feel free to share any other stories about her.