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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Witch Watch: Yule traditions pre-date Christ

Farmington Observer, December 18, 1975 (enlarge)
Christmas in July is the big thing, right? No. But it's a convenient theme because I am still looking to fill out the complete Witch Watch from 1975 and December is one of the target months remaining.

In this late December post from that year Gundella delves into the merging of the Pagan yuletide with the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus and the melding of the two together into the present Christmas celebration. Or something like that.

One doesn't have to be Christian to celebrate Christmas and Gundella was proof of that. She had two Christmas traditions that she touches on in this article: the preparing and burning of pine cones and making pomander balls.

Soaking pine cones in different solutions gives off varying colors of flames when burned. She gives directions for 5 different shades: blue, purple, red, green and yellow.

As for the pomander ball, it's basically a pierced orange stuffed with cloves and rolled in various spices that serves as a fragrant decoration for the holidays. Directions are included in the article.

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