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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Ghastly, Gruesome, Ghostly Tales

Never say that I don't have impeccable timing. I was searching around for Gundella books and etc. and decided to see if there was anything new about her on YouTube. Lo and behold if somebody didn't post her Ghastly, Gruesome, Ghostly Tales a mere few hours beforehand. 

I've been looking for this cassette recording for a decade and finally somebody has posted their copy. Gundella reads the stories that comprised Michigan Haunts and Hauntings with added sound affects and dramatic renderings including her cackles and screams. 

The story The Spirits of Butler Cemetery is read in its entirety (starting at the 6:50 mark) with some minor word changes and commentary at the end including a story about a young man's death on the curve of Henry Ruff a few months after her October 1980 visit. I'll have to search around for articles during that time in the Observer and Freep. 

That's as far I got before hastily scrawling this post. I've downloaded the video just in case something happens to the channel and will attempt to convert it into mp3 form for easier listening if possible.

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