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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Gundella Letters #1296

Imagine the year 1972. You're watching television and a portly witch comes on discussing witchcraft in the manner of Norman Vincent Peale's "positive thinking" seminars. No broomstick to be found and with a Yooper accent she explicates on the mind-over-matter practicality of bringing sought after things into existence by merely wishing upon them.

While in this cartoon fixation upon your television you decide to write said witch from your dormitory at Wisconsin State University and ask for information on witchcraft for a paper that you're writing for a course. Not only does she reply but sends you her personal copy of the book Witchcraft: The Sixth Sense by Justine Glass, which she doesn't totally agree with but feels sums up the tenements of traditional witchcraft better than any modern interpretation at the time. All she asks in return is that you send the book back when you're done reading it.

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