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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Witch to entertain the Northville Men's & Women's Clubs

The Northville Record, January 26, 1972 (enlarge)
Most articles about Gundella are fairly generic but each usually adds its own distinct element to the information pile of things that I didn't know beforehand. This one supplies quite a few.

While I knew that she appeared on many local and national television and radio programs, including, ironically, Howard Stern's when he was a DJ in Detroit, I wasn't aware that she appeared on J.P. McCarthy's "Focus" program or Bill Kennedy's "Show Time." Mainly because I was an infant or toddler then and had never seen or heard of the programs.

The other notable new information is two publications written by Gundella called "What's Cooking in the Classroom" and "Adventures in Folklore". I don't know if these are books or were newspaper articles but I'll attempt to track them down as time permits.

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