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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Witch Watch: Superstitions persist regarding pregnancy

Redford Observer, November 13, 1980
I shamefully return 6 months after my last post--spurred on by this blog post concerning the Gundella Coven--with another installment of Witch Watch. This November 13, 1980 edition finds Gundella channeling Dear Abby and setting aside the notion of supernaturalism.

Rita B., 21 and pregnant, of Farmington, Michigan was watching a television program featuring a crippled and disfigured man and her mother-in-law slammed the program off insisting that it would cause her baby harm. Gundella poo-poo'd that notion stating that superstitions are based on ignorance of science and supernaturalism a simple lack of knowledge and experience.

Oh yeah... and be polite. Even to your mother-in-law. Them's some good advices.

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