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Saturday, September 30, 2017

1979 Segment From a Gundella Interview & The Reissue of "The Hour of the Witch"

It's shameful that I have let this blog lapse into stillness but between 75 blog projects, having a 10-year-old child and a full-time job I can't sufficiently keep up with everything I want to research. This blog has taken the biggest hit and the main reason is that hardly anybody reads it. Not that I'm complaining but when there is traffic to one of my blogs it usually guilts me into updating it more frequently to satisfy a demand. The crickets here are easier to ignore.

This post features a long sought after piece of video from an interview that Gundella did with Huntington University in Canada in 1979. I had uncovered it in their library catalog in a deep search of Google but couldn't convince the library to loan it to me or transfer it to video. Apparently the people at Modern Harmonic did and have posted a nearly 5 minute long segment from the 20 minute interview.

They've also remastered her vinyl LP The Hour of the Witch which includes line notes by her daughter and various Witch Watch articles which they likely plucked off this site. Not that I mind since I don't own them and anything that keeps Gundella current is fine by me. It also motivates me a bit to dig for the remaining articles that I haven't uncovered yet but especially the Witch Watch clippings.

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