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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Witch Watch: Dracula was a nasty fellow

Redford Observer, August 18, 1977 (enlarge)
I've never heard of Dracula put in such congenial terms as "nasty fellow" but that's what Gundella was all about. Spouting her vast knowledge in that YUPer dialect. Here she explains that the real Dracula was Vlad the Impaler and he wasn't real keen on people and ruled with a bloody sword.

She also takes on the "Bloody Mary" myth (looking into your own eyes in the mirror and speaking that phrase) telling reader Sandy G. that "We will all die someday, whether or not we do what you describe. But I don't think this stunt will in any way hasten your demise."

Lastly, she discusses "moon madness" and the "dark of the moon." Whereas the new moon waxes in its "light of the moon" phase from new to full it wanes at full in the "dark of the moon." Or something like that. Basically, the day between the full moon and the new moon is the "dark of the moon". At least that's what Gundella's grandmother (presumably grandma Thornton since she was enamored with the moon though it could have been grandma Patterson just as well) taught her. I wouldn't know either way and it's not relevant anyway.

Superstitions that abounded concerning the "dark of the moon" were that if a person cut their hair during this time they would go bald.

When the moon waxed crops were planted and love and money spells were cast. When it waned one wrapped up business deals and cast spells to rid himself of niggling effects and persons.

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