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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gundella Conjures Up Some Good Vibes

Wouldn't you know it that as soon as I find a large number of articles and columns by and about her that the print from these archives would turn from the normally poor readability to almost illegible! Haha. Oh well, I actually took the time to type this one out because it was literally the only way I could read it. Enjoy!

Gundella conjures up some good vibes

"Things are so good I can't believe it." Gundella said sipping coffee before her program at the Farmington Community Center.

The statement was testimony to her philosophy.

Gundella, resident witch in the area, is a popular speaker and Observer & Eccentric columnist. Married mother of four, school teacher for 22 years and now teaching classes in pyschic sciences at the university level, she has conjured up a good life for herself by positive thinking.

She began her talk by dispelling a number of the popular notions(?) about witches.

"I am not a devil worshipper and I am not a Satanist. I have never seen the devil and I don't believe in him. I think all of our energies and powers come from one source: ourselves. I don't possess any supernatural power and I don't know anyone who does."

With these basics explained, Gundella went to a second idea--using the power in ourselves.

"You and I and everybody else are constantly acting as senders and receivers of thought waves."

She reinforced this with coincidences familiar to everyone in the audience--walking to the phone to call someone and the phone rings and it is that person thinking about a person when he calls on the phone.

When each in her audience indicated he has encountered such events, she continued, "It is quite possible to make anybody in the world call you at any time."

However, she didn't promise the audience members could do this immediately, but suggested several small tests(?) to be tried at home to establish the presence of vibrations and what they can do.

The first was the circle test. Sit quietly looking at the back of someone's neck. Mentally draw a circle the size of a quarter on one area, put a dot in the circle, concentrate and the person will scratch his neck at that point.

Pick a person walking along the street and with all the mental energy you can summon, command that person to stop.

"And he will." said Gundella, "and stand there wondering why he has stopped."

The third test which she calls "the most fun of all" is to be tried at home. When someone is sound asleep in one room of the house, go into another room, concentrate on that person and say his name in your thoughts over and over.

"He will wake up saying, 'did you call me, what do you want?' " Gundella told her audience.

These tests she said are samples of how to control vibrations.

The audience enjoyed one comment more than any of the others, "You can make any man you meet think you are the most beautiful, gorgeous creature around. If I can do that, looking like I do, think of what you can do. The kind of vibe you give off makes people decide whether you are pretty or not."

Early in her talk Gundella explained she is a witch because, "I was born into a family where witchcraft was practiced."

But from this has come the belief that is close to the main focus of her philosophy--that everyone has powers which can be developed and the thought she repeats many times, "You can do anything you believe you can do."

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