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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Store Tells How To Beat Cartnapping System

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, February 8, 1973
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What in the hell is cartnapping? Well, you'll find out in quick order if you read this Helen Griffith column from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune February 8, 1973 which also includes a short article about Gundella. I just skimmed through that to the mention of the witchy one.

This is from around the time when known skeptic-sociologist Marcello Truzzi was at New College of Florida. He later moved on to Eastern Michigan University and led their Sociology Dept. while also founding a skeptical science publication called the Zetetic Scholar which can be viewed online and is quite interesting. From all indications he was a good friend of Gundella and also quite the innovator in scientific paranormal research. He is said to have coined the phrase "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." although variations of the quote had been around for many years. He also wrote the introductions to several of her books as well as writing a cookbook for witches among several other books.

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