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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Witch Stirs Up A Treat

Witch Stirs Up A Treat
from the Farmington Observer October 26, 1973

Well, after some extra deep digging I came up with a few more great articles about the kindly witch. Of the few articles that I've come across most always describe Gundella as bubbly, friendly, jovial and school-teacherly (as she literally was). While a few do come out and call her "rotund" I just kind of figured that the aforementioned verbiage was a cloak of euphemisms for "she's a large woman so we'll say nice things about her." It turns out that her largeness was more largesse and big-heartedness than I suspected. As the articles points out, she held Halloween parties to help a young girl who had dental deformities. How kind is that? Ah- I like her even more now!

As an aside, and I might be totally wrong on this, but isn't the picture in that article of Madame Blavatsky and not Gundella? I'm serious! I know I've seen this picture either in a book or on a website and I swear that's the renown theosophist and not our beloved witch.

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