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Friday, October 8, 2010

Daughter Witch Is Speaker

Lydamie the Witch
from the Farmington Observer October 24 1971

Gundella's daughter Madilynne seems to have been the early heir apparent to the witchy throne of her mother. She served as the elder's secretary, held her own witch speaking engagements and was part of a coven. I'm still very early on in my research so I'm not too sure if she became more prominent in the scene or if another daughter named Veronica, who founded and ran Gundella's Witch Ways & Wares Boutique in her mother's memory, became the "witch matriarch" more or less after Gundella died.

Of course, and I'm assuming that most people who are familiar with Gundella also know this story, Veronica Kuclo-Raub was murdered in 1999 so the whole dynamic might have been diverted, completely changed or Lydamie might have ceased to be long before then. At this juncture I'm more concerned with mama witch. Plus, I'm not particularly keen on delving into the murder (at least here on the blog) because in essence it had no bearing on Gundella's life in the living sphere, she having passed on in 1993.

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