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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Witch Watch: Evil deeds can have a boomerang effect

Witch Watch: Evil deeds can have a boomerang effect
from the Farmington Observer August 12, 1976

I was at the Garden City Historical Museum today and looked over a large binder of Gundella's manuscripts, letters (to and from her), brochures, articles, course outlines and much more that was donated by the Observer papers when they moved their headquarters. It kind of depressed me because they will photocopy the material for patrons but at $1 per page (two sides) it seemed a bit prohibitive. In fact it's kind of excessive when you consider that Kinko's only charges 10c per copy! There's some great stuff there though and it would fill up this blog with a year's worth of material. I offered to digitize it for them but they seemed uninterested in the suggestion so I didn't push it. You'd think they would want to get the information out into the public but maybe they were more concerned by a stranger handling the binder.

I also contacted one of Mrs. Kuclo's sons today in hopes that he could add to the blog as well. It gets a little frustrating finding mostly brief articles and columns which don't add much insight into her personal life. Not for gossip or anything like that but biographical purposes. The big binder did confirm that she was born in 1930 in Port Huron, whereas I was under the impression that she was from northern Michigan. It also had an article which said that the former baseball player Vida Blue once thought that she placed a hex on him which was contributing to a rough patch of play for him. Despite her loyalty to the Tigers she confirmed that no such spell was in place! Brilliant.

Oh well, here's another Witch Watch column that I dug up. I'll have to add a few of the quotes from this article to the random quote generator above the sections feature.

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