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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Witches Night: Gundella Advert for the Wonderland Mall

Gundella Advert for the Wonderland MallThis was her notorious scheduled appearance that was cancelled after some Livonia Presbyterian Clergymen got involved and claimed that the program sounded a little too racy for a public gathering that was likely to attract children, despite the ad suggesting that it was better suited for a mature audience.

The write up from the Observer papers implied that the PR man for the mall -- who was subsequently relieved of his duties -- wrote up a suggestive release but from this ad it doesn't come close to being X-rated in the least.

Voodoo dolls, on the other hand, are controversial enough and I'm sure were the objectionable vocal point of the clergymen. Which would have been expected, as many, but especially the Church, equate such demonstrations with black magic and satanism.

Despite the cancellation she was paid the entire appearance fee and the ensuing media attention which followed the debacle kept her schedule booked for six months in advance.

Certainly some were eager to retain her services because they expected that something outrageous was bound to happen during the engagement but from all accounts her lectures were far less controversial than they were inspirational.

from the Farmington Observer October 27, 1971

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