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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Werewolf of Grosse Pointe & Other Stories

The Werewolf of Grosse Pointe

Here's the full embedded text of the actual book which was released in 1976 by Earsight Products out of Detroit. I've reproduced it only because it is long out of print and scarcely available.

Of course, since it's set to autoplay and I didn't have the options to unset it, you'll have to press pause while reading and then manually advance to the next screen. That is, unless you're a speed reader and in that case you can read the entire book in about 5 minutes or so. Also, the full screen option works best in my opinion. You may not agree.

The introduction was done by renown sociologist, author and witch Marcello Truzzi. He was a friend of Mrs. Kuclo and on many Google "Michigan witch" searches his name comes up just as much as Gundella's does. I've posted some links and information about him in other posts and you can follow the label links of his name for those mentions.

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