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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gundella and Red Skelton story from Kelly & Co

Gundella and Red Skelton story from Kelly & Co

Google searches are an amazing thing. Through all the repetition and false leads comes the occasional gem. This time it's from the book TV Land--Detroit by Gordon Castelnero. With the magic of Amazon's "search this book" capabilities we land on page 241 with a brief but great story about an appearance by Gundella on Kelly & Co. which also highlighted the antics of Red Skelton. An unlikely duo to say the least but that's what variety talk shows are centered on. Too bad there's no footage or pictures of this online.


Mark said...

When did this episode air?

the said...

I wish I knew. The picture of the page shown is all the information they gave. I've done Google searches for Red Skelton on Kelly & Co. and surprisingly enough there is even less info about the actual show then there is about Gundella herself.