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Friday, October 15, 2010

Witchcraft Course at the Grosse Pointe Memorial Center

Witchcraft Course at the Grosse Pointe Memorial Center May 27, 1971 @ 7:30 PMWitches Apprentices
from the Grosse Pointe News 1971

Since I set up a Gundella timeline -- which is far from complete, let alone barely started -- I might as well post some of the smaller adverts from one of her early Witchcraft courses. These are from 1971 at the Grosse Pointe Memorial Center. The six week, twelve hour course cost $35 and each successful "Witches Apprentices" received a diploma. Although the snippet mentions that the class was meant to be "tongue in cheek" I'm not so sure that she or her students thought of it in that manner.

Case in point is this very interesting story about one of her former students, who despite being from a very prominent and wealthy family which owned an entire island at one point, still had her signed certificate from Gundella on the wall even though she was approaching 90 years of age (at the time the article was written in 2002; she is still alive and may still have it up as she approaches 100!).


Anonymous said...

Hi R.O. Glockenspiel
I was surprised to find a website about Marion Kuclo. I have nothing of note to add to your info, but I knew her as an adolescent (she was a dear friend of my grandmother). I just wanted to mention what a kind person she was. I was very poor as a child, lived for several years in a housing project in Inkster. Ms. Kuclo was very gracious to me. I experienced many "firsts" while in her orbit. She used to have fabulous parties with what seemed to be very exotic people to me at the time (mid 1970s). At her home, I learned how to Polka, ate my first Baked Alaska, saw real Hula dancers purportedly flown in from Hawaii for the occasion; also met my first openly gay man (complete with lap dog!), had my fortunes told and palms read, and peeked at a man my cousins only called "The Swami". I met Cleo (famous local astrologer-of course you know of her), and other local celebrities. Her home was where I had my first ride on an elephant, and dug my "hobo" dinner out of a fire with a stick sitting beside a boxcar. Ms. Kuclo was responsible for my first visit to the shores of Lake Michigan - she took our extended family camping. I will never forget how she comforted me when my father died. I remain grateful for the kindness she showed me.
I asked her for a love potion once- she said I was too young to have someone be in love with me forever yet. Really, just a terrific lady all around. I am 45 years old now, and tell my 12 year old daughter about the great things Marion did for me as a child, when I was young and traumatized and didn't feel I had a place in the world. Her acceptance and attention to me was a blessing at a time when I needed to know that there was more to life than my somewhat miserable little corner.
Oh, and the Dyanne Johnson that you mentioned before- that's my Aunt.

the said...

Wow, thanks for all the personal anecdotes. It confirms what many have said about her being a very kind and giving person and not some evil witch! Feel free to have your aunt post some personal stories as well. I'd love to hear any and all.