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Monday, October 25, 2010

This witch turns you into...yourself

from The Windsor Star December 10, 1975
This Witch turns you into... yourself  pt. 1
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Even though this article refers to her as Marion Kutzlow it's still a very good piece with some great pictures and quotes, as usual. Nothing ground-breaking per se but the origin of the name Gundella from a German fairy-tale is new to me as was the "Eee. Eye. Oh." chant which she had the entire audience repeating in joyous unison. Another fickle find from the Google search engine where I used vague keywords such as witch, Garden City and Marion, or something of that sort. It's odd that using her name doesn't get positive results when more generic terms do.

Also, while checking the date of the speaking engagement for the timeline I went back and found that there were apparently two editions of the paper with different layouts of the story. This is the later edition in a condensed but unedited version:

This witch turns you into yourself alternate version


R.J. Thompson said...

The so-called eee-eye-oh chant is actually used in modern ceremonial magick. It is widely used in Thelema, (the O.T.O) being Aleister Crowley's organization. It has particular meanings to those initiated in the mysteries.

the said...

Thanks. I couldn't find anything about it on Google and kept thinking maybe it was an inside joke of sorts.