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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Witch Watch: Tea leaves have symbolic meanings

Witch Watch: Tea leaves have symbolic meanings
from the Farmington Observer October 22, 1979

This is another interesting subject in which I have little prior knowledge of although I am familiar with the concept. Having looked up some examples online I came across a site which has 30 diagrams and the interpretive renderings of each. Here's one:

The present conditions of this consultant are not cheering. The large cloud, associated with dots, the small dog on the opposite side, and the policeman beyond, all point to grievous money worries, possibly caused by dishonesty.
The somewhat indistinct axe implies a brave effort to overcome, and final mastery of, some of the difficulties.
However, the future has more pleasant prospects, and may be looked forward to with hope. The symbols of the clover and cherries, give assurance of this.
The spray of ivy speaks of the patience with which the present trials are borne, also that true friends are a source of comfort to the consultant.

Principal Symbols
On side
          Small dog lying down.

Near rim
Indistinct symbol of an axe.
Large cloud.

Two small butterflies.
Small symbol of a stocking.
Small bunch of cherries.
Spray of ivy.
Check out more here.

Also, expect more frequent "Witch Watch" postings seeing as these columns penned by Gundella greatly outnumber the articles written about her. I don't know who owns the copyright to the WW articles but they would make a great little book that would be fairly easy to put together. After I get done posting every one that I can find it'd be a breeze! Just add a few notes of commentary on each subject and it'd be a great little book for a place like the Garden City Historical Museum to sell. It probably wouldn't be a great seller but would make for a great historical catalog of an unique local woman.

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