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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Witchcraft Is A Sin, Say The Scriptures

Witchcraft Is A Sin , Say The Scriptures
from the Farmington Observer February 25, 1970

As mentioned in the previous post, Gundella's feature story in the February 11, 1970 issue of the Observer lead to protest by some readers. It also catapulted her reputation in the community from that of a local entertainer to somewhat of a celebrity. She appeared on WJR with the radio legend J. P. McCarthy and was also interviewed by both The Free Press and the Detroit News soon after that column appeared.

It seems that most of the protests against her only lead to further recognition and wider acceptance by sympathizers and fans who felt she was being mis-portrayed as a Satanist instead of as the performer that she truly was. That's not to say that she didn't believe in her craft but from all outward appearances her public persona was that of a motivational speaker more so than as some kind of cult figure who was trying to garner a following. Speaking became her job and she had fun doing it. The witching element was merely one of her pointed props.

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