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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'I'm A Witch' Says Happy Mother of 4

from the Farmington Observer, February 11, 1970
'I'm A Witch' Says Happy Mother of 4
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When I posted the article Gundella 2 Years Later: : She's A Full Time Witch a month or so ago it screamed out to me, "Check the Observer archives from 2 years ago!" but I did not heed its helpful advice. That is, until last night. After searching for 2+ hours and finding nothing I realized why I didn't search for it before: it's tedious work!

After another hour or so today I finally found an editorial page in which a few people wrote in, including a group of reverends and their wives, condemning not only the message of the article above (which I finally unearthed after another hour) but also the words of the "Great Witch" when she said, "There's nothing in the Christian Bible which conflicts with witchcraft." Which is a fairly broad and bold statement to make considering that many Biblical proponents can find opposition to just about anything and everything based on their own skewed interpretation. I'm sure Mrs Kuclo understood this very well, as did Mr. Richard, and knowing how newsmen are he probably played the key points to their full potential for controversy.

I'll post the corresponding editorials tomorrow.

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