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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Local witch learns gags can backfire

Local witch learns gags can backfire
from the Redford Observer September 10, 1990

Ha, this is a great piece on an even better storyline. As you can see, at 61 years old she was still lively and full of life. It's too bad that she died so relatively young because she'd likely still be spinning yarns and being mischievous. I'd like to get a hold of one of those letters.

As for the letters themselves: they really aren't that corny considering what we see come out every time time a celebrity has an indiscretion exposed via text messages. I also don't get how one would easily figure out that it was her posting the ad without something more identifiable than what is shown above. Then again I didn't know her or her friends and acquaintances so it's hard to tell how easily the joke would have been to figure out.

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