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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kitchen Witch: It's time for hot, hearty meals

from the Redford Observer February 18, 1991
Kitchen Witch: It's time for hot, hearty meals
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From the look of the handful of Kitchen Witch columns that I've posted it seems like Gundella offered up a wide variety of culinary fare. From quick and easy meals, to holiday/seasonal staples, treats and drinks as well as normal stock of recipes. As I've stated before I'm neither a witchy or kitchen type of person and merely post these as to form an archive of sorts for somebody who might also be interested in the good lady. Although Cream of Anything Soup and Hamburger or Sausage Soup doesn't sound all too bad right about now.

I wonder who has Gundella's number now! Imagine a columnist putting their phone number in the paper and saying "call me" if you need any help! I bet she got some serious repeat callers who wanted all of her time.

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