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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Witch Watch: Old tales meaningful

witch Watch: Old tales meaningful
from the Farmington Observer March 3, 1977

One thing we all know about Gundella is that she loved to tell stories and especially folktales. In this column she makes up here own which is sort of an allegory for history. That is, that fairy tales and folklore come from actual events that have been re-told, mostly in the oral tradition, and in these re-tellings some of the truth has become more fiction than fact. That's not to take away from the supernatural element of the original premise but rather the details have evolved to match the time in which they are told. Such is the reason that old stories are generally popular in each era even when given an updated storyline. Gundella's take is centered on the fact that perceptions change more so than the actual event and the truth of it all is that there are sometimes multiple truths for the same occurrence whether explainable or not.

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