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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Registration Form for Gundella's Thirteen Hour Ghostly Tour

Registration For Gundella's Thirteen Hour Ghostly Tours

Another donated scan from Judy K. They have this registration form at the Garden City Historical Museum and was one of the items I had planned to go back and get a copy of once I have gone through the many things I've found online. So a big thanks to her for both the scan(s) and saving me the time of doing so.

A thirteen hour ghost tour! What a brilliant concept! I'm sure that a day long event would have been easier on the body though I imagine far more costly in dollar terms. From the roster of events shown above you can see why people were attached to the good witch. Not only did she socialize with people she shared life experiences with them.

I know at some point somebody will come across this blog who has either live audio recordings of her or video from her many television appearances or interviews and will make my day because I'd love to see her in action working her magic. I'm still surprised at my strong reaction to a witch lady who I never met and know only from newspaper clippings, books and an LP record. To me she's a bit of a folk hero in that she took a niche passion and turned it into a successful life dream that she lived to the end.

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