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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Witch Watch: In dream, she has an ill-fitting coat

Witch Watch: In dream, she has an ill-fitting coat
from the Farmington Observer March 3, 1980

Dreams dream dreams, what do they all mean? I'll tell you one dream I keep having and it's meaning: I go to my car and have a flat tire. No real meaning at all since I have had 4 flat tires in the past few months! It simply meant that I needed new front tires and I bought some, though one did have a rim leak and went flat again!

A second dream that I've had many times, though different in each instance, is that of crashing airplanes. They are almost always jumbo jets and they tend to fly over me when I'm driving as I watch them go down. I don't know what it means since I've never flown on an airplane nor seen one crash. I've not had a desire to fly and always loved driving so it's never really been an issue or a fear, just a preference. Although it could be entirely possible that I have embedded memories in my subconscious from when a plane that my dad was flying on back in the 1970s lost power in one engine over the Pacific Ocean en route from Hawaii to the mainland.

As for the spell portion of the column does anybody know what verva is? I don't know if that's a misprint, a shortened version of a flower or herb name or what. And it might be easier to just follow her latter advice of being nicer to people in your lives than trying to procure a dove's egg! Seeing as I'm not a witch, I also wonder whether they use more modern guidelines when dealing with living creatures or using such thing as a dove's egg in a spell or ritual. It seems more a dark ritual or sacrifice when something living is used in a spell. Of course, many herbs and plants were living as well before being plucked from the Earth.

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