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Friday, February 25, 2011

Witch Watch:Try wax doll on drinker

Witch Watch - Try wax doll on drinker Farmington Observer September 11, 1975
from the Farmington Observer September 11, 1975

Alcoholism is surely a pertinent topic this week in Detroit with the arrest of Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera for DUI and resisting arrest. Seeing as I don't know much about it and Gundella offers up only generalized advice along with a spell and a potion, I think I'll just post those and let others make what they will of it.

Wax Doll Spell to Work on an Alcoholic

Get a piece of beeswax and melt it down. Add to this something from the alcoholic's body, a piece of hair, nail clippings, or what-have-you. As soon as the wax cools, mold it into a little doll to represent the person upon whom you are casting the spell.

Using a clean, new steel needle, write that person's name on the doll. Then once a day, each day, for nine days, pour alcohol into the doll's mouth and jab the steel needle into the doll's stomach several  times as you repeat the following verse:
From alcohol you must abstain,
Or, henceforth, you will suffer pain.
Each time a glass of it you take,
You'll have a terrible stomachache. 
You'll find that when you drink the booze,
All your dinner you will lose.
Each time you drink even a drop,
The pain will grow and will not stop.
Then, put the doll in a safe place for a week. Repeat this procedure until the pain become so great the victim will no longer wish to drink.

A Folk Remedy to Help Cure Alcoholism

Place 11 drams of peppermint drops and one dram of oil of nutmeg in one quart of water. Drink a glass of this two or three times.

I would suggest that you ask your doctor about this, however, before using it.

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