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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1971 Press Photo at a Cemetery from the Detroit News

Gundella the Witch Detroit News press photo 1971 a
Gundella the Witch Detroit News press photo 1971 b

The second of a group of photographs I came across for sale on eBay. I didn't buy them and with good reason because even though I love to research Gundella I prefer to keep it to the digital media and not have another box full of collectibles that I'll pack-rat away and never get rid of. 

The photo was shot on October 27, 1971 by a Detroit News photographer named Ransom. As you can read in the notes written on the back, Sally the cat is supposedly in this picture as well although I don't see her. It was taken at a cemetery on Ford Road but I can't decipher the rest of the scrawling to determine which it is. It appears to say Wash. Ct. (Washtenaw County). Seeing as most area cemeteries are over a century old and this picture is almost 30 it would be haphazard to even guess. Do you have any guesses? A great picture regardless and the editor's marks on it only enhance it that much more.


8 years later I think I've figured out which cemetery it is: Free Church Cemetery in Superior Township.

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