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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Tallest Stone: A Ghost Tale by John E.L. Tenney

John E.L. Tenney is a paranormal researcher, archivist, writer and lecturer who also appeared on the 2010 Paranormal State: New Class pilot episode. He has several websites including Realm of the Weird where this story was posted in March of this year.

As he mentions in the beginning of the audio clip names were changed for privacy concerns but I believe that the location mentioned is the William Ganong (Butler) Cemetery in Westland as the story matches up with the story told by Gundella. I'm not sure why the names were changed as he only mentions Marion, the ghost girl Elizabeth and the Servant's family plots within the location. As for his claim that Gundella wasn't a fastidious researcher, I think his claim might stem more from the fact that Ganong actually has several monikers: Ganong, William Ganong and Butler Cemetery and because Gundella refers to her as Alice and not Elizabeth. Although I'm not positive on either supposition -- since the names were changed! -- but that's my take on his statement seeing as I've found just the opposite in her "Witch Watch" columns.

Also, I won't repeat Gundella's story of the Girl in White here or spoil Mr. Tenney's tale but related newspaper articles can be found on this blog by clicking the Butler/Ganong Cemetery link below this post.


John Tenney said...

Thanks for posting this I thought I might have sent you a link to the episode but I'm not sure. Marion was a wonderful person and the "names have been changed" comment runs at the beginning of every episode. As to Marion's research she was one of our great story-tellers but sometimes her facts did get a little confusing. To her credit it was her stories that inspired an uncountable amount of people to take a firm interest in things that are "weird". Thank you for putting this repository together I it a wonderful tribute to a wonderful witch.

the said...

Hey John, thanks for your comment and the story. I actually found your site via a Google search for Gundella that I do every few months to make sure that I don't miss out anything!